www.zavenonline.com is a bilingual (Arabic\English) website created in 2001 to provide viewers with resources and interactive content related to Zaven’s  television shows and publications. The website is the first and still the only interactive website related to a single talk show in the Arab world. 

zavenonline.com passed through different stages of technology. In the early days, it was best known for it’s chat room, message board and free postings. 

In 2004, it initiated daily open discussion hours, and in 2006, it witnessed the first online broadcast of an Arab television show. As of 2009, the website became Zaven’s main source of stories and guests instead of letters and phone calls. Thus it came the best way to reach Zaven from all over the world.  

Zavenonline also hosted anaalaan in 2006 – the first ammauteaur video show in the arab world, and Ask Dolly 2008 – an interactive support service by guest psychologist Dr. Dolly Habbal. 

The website had two different design makeovers in 2005 and 2009. Those designs were part of the show’s changing graphic themes.