Fed up at your Workplace

Have you reached the limit of frustration because of your work and \ or your boss? Do you want to resign at any price to any place? Contact us now and resign on air! Why not? Make a statement!

Technologically Challenged  

Has it become difficult for you to keep up with the rapid technological revolution? You can't catch up and feel left out? Do you find difficulties in going beyond yes or no on your mobile? Do you want to step out of this ignorance and be part of the new world? Share your story and join our free workshops now.

Long-distance Relationship

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Would you describe yourself as involved, stuck or fallen… apart? How do you cope with time difference and how far are you ready to keep yourself “missing” what you think is your best “second best”? Zaven is interested to hear about your “miles away” love stories. Share your story by dropping a line.

Bi Lebanon

They don’t look feminine. They don’t act like fags. They don’t wear women clothes and they don’t shave their legs! They are men who like to have sex with both men and women! Bi Lebanon, like never seen before: No wigs, No extension and No drama. Just men talking about intimate moments with men! To be part of the show, contact Zaven now.

Guess Who’s Back

You are at work and suddenly guess what? Your ex shows up to tell you he is your new colleague! What would you do? Ok, here is another shot: Your husband is back from work, and he tells you his ex has joined his team? Now what would you do? If you have lived a similar story and you want to share it with Zaven, make a sign.

Cross Roads

Are you on a crossroad, not knowing which direction to take? Are you facing two options and you don’t know which one to take? Are you lost and desperately seeking help? Tell Zaven your story and who knows he might find you the right person to talk to.

You Choose the Hero

Join the team of and profile someone you think everybody should know about. If you know any person with an inspiring story, your mom, teacher, neighbor or even dikanje, tell us his or her story and tell us how they made the difference in their lives and the lives of their surroundings. Share these stories otherwise no one else will know about them.

The World of Spirits 

Some people show ability to penetrate the invisible world of spirits, to transfer messages from the dead and reveal shocking details related to the past, present and even future. Have you ever experienced a similar shocking story or been into a similar weird situation, or are you one yourself? Share your story and be Zaven’s guest in a coming episode.

Ready for Divorce 

The percentage of divorce has reached unprecedented rates in recent years. Have you reached the stage of where you can’t live with your spouse anymore? Is your marriage over and feel it’s time for you to face the sad truth whatever the price was? Do you want to say it live on TV? This is your chance… do it! Divorce on air!

Environmental Massacre 

Environmental abuses and massacres are becoming unconstrained. Are you a witness of something wrong going around in your village or town? Do you want to raise your voice and preserve what’s left of green Lebanon? Call our team now and be part of an upcoming episode.