This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about the show or Zaven, please contact the help line: 71 106 111

How to be on the show?

If you have any problem or story that you want to share with Zaven, you may call his team on the help line number: 71 106 111 (Lebanon) or 00961 71 106 111 (Int.) or you may email on: 

If you're under 18, you must have a parent or guardian fill out the form.

You might receive a call from our show producers inviting you to share your story on TV. If you were to be invited from outside Lebanon, we will take care of all your trip expanses.

Letters, photographs, legal documents, medical materials, manuscripts and other personal items sent to the show cannot be returned. So please make sure to send photocopied material.

I have a great suggestion for a show topic. How can I submit it?

We would love to hear your suggestions and encourage you to share your stories with us. Zaven and the show producers read all the e-mails because what you tell us guides the show topics and content of

Due to the volume of e-mails, we are not able to respond to all the letters.

How can I make reservations to attend studio shootings?

Audience reservations for the show are available by phone: 71 106 111 (Lebanon) or 00961 71 106 111 (Int.) and email:

How can I purchase a videotape of Zaven’s shows?

Tapes and transcripts are not available for purchase yet through FTV. However you might find most of the episodes online:
or on our youtube channel:

I have a problem and want to meet Zaven to tell him my story before deciding to be on the show. Is that possible?

The only way to get a face-to-face meeting with Zaven is to be on the show.

You may also ask Zaven a question via e-mail on his direct personal email:

If you are in a life-threatening situation, Please contact the appropriate authorities or crisis intervention service providers in your local area for immediate assistance.

I have a personal problem with Zaven, can I be on the show?

Sorry no! You can't. We advise you to contact the concerned authorities.
On another thought, you may email Zaven’s mom on: