A Witness on the Society
Authors: Zaven Kouyoumdjian and Dr Dolly Habbal
Language: Arabic
Number of pages: 700
Publisher: Academia International

Based on a decade long television social talk show experience, TV Talk show host and producer Zaven Kouyoudmjian and clinical psychologist Dr Dolly Habbal come together to offer you a must have hilarious guide to life, body, soul and society. This manual helps individuals, couples and families better understand their physiological, social and sexual problems, questions and challenges in a simplified way, with narrations from viewers who lived those issues and shared them on live television. 

The book consists of four chapters: 
Chapter One discusses mental and psychological health and the importance of therapy. It touches upon depression, anxiety, trauma, post trauma symptoms, black magic, eating and sleeping disorders, sexual identity issues, sexual harassment, pain, black magic and more.
Chapter two discuses social and marital relations, like marriage, divorce, emotional divorce, fear of commitment and separation, adolescence, spinsterhood, juvenile delinquency and suicide. It also displays the psychology of people with special needs and public apathy, as well as sex after fifty, lost love, emotional blackmail, abortion, and more.
Chapter three highlights addiction problems related to drugs, alcohol, smoking pornography, Internet, telephone and television.
Chapter four deals with self-improvement , namely: social intelligence, emotional intelligence, self-confidence, apology, forgiveness, revenge and anger management. It also tackles time management, body language, effective leadership, and job interview secrets.