The show

Is it a political talk show? Yes. 
Is it a social talk show? Yes.
Is it an entertainment show? Yes.
Is it a show that addresses people’s problems and aims at solving them? 
Yes Yes… and Yes.

In #BalaToulSire (Cut It Short), Zaven continues his quest to present quality talk shows, or what he calls “respectful, meaningful and progressive talk” on prime time television.

“Bala Toul Sire” premiered in October 7, 2014. It discusses political, social, taboo and lifestyle topics in a magazine format with its guests along a large share of audience participation and real life testimonials. 

Keen not to be associated with the currently a-la-mode hype of Lebanese shows classified as tabloid, Zaven tends to be faithful to the values and morals of serious journalism, taking Lebanese talk TV to a whole new professional level behind misleading headlines and cliché images. 

Aims and values

“Bala Toul Sire” aims to:

Restore confidence in the television as a tool of communication and dialogue between viewers.

Serve as an open platform for television viewers in Lebanon and the world.

Provide a prime time platform to otherwise marginalized talents and activities.

Discuss transformations in Lebanese society from a modern and open-minded perspective.

Build bridges of communication between different generations of viewers.